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Saki:He does come by here sometimes.
But that's as far as he goes.
Izaya:So Masaomi, It's been a while.
What the hell is this?
Taro Tanaka: Then they got in a huge fight with another gang and kinda fell off the map.
Erika: Guess you can't really ask Izaya Orihara about it, huh?
Masaomi: Those bastards managed to drag me back, damn it.
Saki: So a friend of yours was hospitalized?
Masaomi: How did you know that?
Saki:I saw you from the window.
You came by here to visit every day.
Your friend's a girl, right?
Masaomi: Yeah, she is a high school chick I know with glasses and a smokin' hot body.
Saki: Do you like her?
So does my best friend.
We've got a love triangle going on.
Saki: If you would include me, that would make it a square.
Masaomi: You and me are over with.
Saki: Then why did you come here?
Do you want things to go back to the way they used to be?
Saki: You'll be back, Masaomi.
Fall for as many girls as you want.
I honestly don't care.
Because I know in the end the only girl you'll ever truly love is me.
Masaomi: I didn't have to hear the rest.
It's always the same thing.
She tells me I can date all the girls in the world, but that I'll still come back to her.
Saki: And when you come back to me, you'll see that you love me on a much deeper level than any girl you've met before.
Masaomi: But It's what she says next that I really didn't want to hear.
Saki: I know it's true.
Because Izaya said so.
Izaya: When I look at it like this, I can't help but feel that I'm just a little bit god-like.
And you know what.
Three-way struggles are fun.
Especially when all three leaders are so closely connected.
The hotter the honeymoon, the higher the flames of despair rise when it all comes crashing down around you.
The pawns burn like garbage!
Let's see how the other pieces on the board are going to move.
There's Kyohei and his gang, Shinra, Simon.
Ah yes, I guess Shizu-chan would be the king wouldn't he?
Celty of course is queen.
And the joker would be.
This is turning into good fun.
I heard she didn't die.
If she's alive, xxx work.
Izaya: You're a smart guy.
You know full well that what happened to her is entirely your fault.
And I think it's admirable that you've been able to control your emotions and not to take a swing at me, even though.
It's only natural for you to be angry at me.
After all I did deliberately provoke you just now.
So is she in a coma?
I Hope she wakes up.
Or maybe, from your point of view, it would be better if she doesn't?
Masaomi: What are you getting at?
Izaya: Oh I think you know.
Scared that if she does wake up, then she might blame you forever.
But on the other hand what would happen if casino mobile were to die?
I mean you can easily spend the rest of your life feeling guilty about something like that.
So I guess it doesn't matter if she lives or dies, because either way you're still gonna feel it's your fault.
There's just no escaping it.
You can run from it all you want, but the past will always follow you.
Forever and ever and ever and ever.
Do you know why that is?
A person's past and their memories can be a very solitary burden.
You see, I personally don't believe in blue sq mobile casino />There's no real proof адрес he exists.
Everyone's future has uncertainties.
But the past that's something concrete.
Granted our past may be colored by fallacies and delusions.
But if the person believes that it would be true, then the truth is what becomes.
Now if you succumb come to this point of view, and model your actions based on your own past.
Well then your past itself becomes sort of god-like, doesn't it?
Masaomi: I have no idea what you're trying to say!
Izaya: Oh I think you would do.
You'll never be able to escape this girl.
Your guilt will become your past, and she'll become your god.
But what's so wrong with that?
I mean after all, you do love her.
Masaomi: Seems you made a full recovery, Anri.
I'm glad you and your sexiness are safe and sound.
Mikado: You didn't need to say the sexiness part.
But honestly I'm glad you're okay too.
That's nice of you guys to say.
Masaomi: Hey you don't have to thank me.
Just as long as you and your sexiness are good, I'm a happy man.
Mikado: Yeah, I agree except for the sexy part.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I get a friend and me.
Masaomi: Hey if you need to blame someone, blame my friend all blue sq mobile casino want.
Blaming a person is free, and it causes me no hurt.
It's just like two wives for one dude!
Mikado: I wondered what's so important?
Anri: Don't you think Masaomi has been acting kinda weird lately?
Maybe you're overthinking it.
Masaomi: I never want to mention the Yellow Scarves to Mikado.
My life with these guys and my life with Mikado are both very real to me.
But in my mind it's like they're worlds apart.
We would spend the whole day fighting.
That was the only connection we had each other.
All I really wanted was someone to accept me.
And that's when I first met Saki.
Saki:That yellow scarf looks good on you.
You're much cooler than the rumors make you out to be, Masaomi Kida.
Masaomi: Well now, how did you know what my name is?
Some kind of clairvoyant?
If you can really read people's minds, then I'm gonna put you in a bag and take you home with me!
Saki:Oh my god, you're so silly.
Sorry but it wasn't me.
Somebody else has ESP.
Masaomi: Oh yeah, who is it?
One of your friends have the sixth sense?
Saki: No, this person is just amazing.
It seems like he knows everything.
Masaomi: That's when I first met this guy, and I so wish I hadn't.
Izaya: Well hello there.
How do you do?
Your name is Masaomi Kida, isn't it?
Izaya: Izaya Orihara, I'm an information broker.
I'm sort of like this girl's guardian.
Don't worry, I'm not her boyfriend or anything like that.
Gang Member: Hey Chief.
Masaomi: I said don't call me that.
I just want you to use my name, Masaomi, okay?
Gang Member: Yeah sure, but that seems kind of wrong.
We can't find out squad on the Dollars.
Some of our guys used to be members, but even they have no idea who their leader is.
Their head guy didn't even reveal himself when they met six months ago.
Masaomi: Are they planning anything?
Gang Member: Well, the leader has sent out a request asking for information on the Slasher.
Maybe they aren't behind the Slasher attacks.
Masaomi: Even if you're right, something about this doesn't add up.
Gang Member: Well I know Horoda got his ass handed to him by the black biker a while back.
Horoda: Well, A while back, I was bagging on the freaky old guy wear a gas mask,and the black rider just showed up.
Masaomi: The black rider?
Horoda: Yeah, there were some kind of crazy looking black ooze seeping out of it.
Masaomi: I wonder who this Black Rider person really is.
Horoda: Some say it's part of the Dollars.
And hey, by the way, you guys are older than me, right?
Masaomi: Don't be bringing in guys who any older than you.
We start seeing names like "So and so of the whatever Yakuza," and that's it, we're done for.
Masaomi: We're just a bunch of punks!
There may be a whole lot of us, but we can't win against adults.
We'll be used and thrown away!
Like Orihara Izaya used me.
From then on, whenever I wasn't sure about something, Saki would tell me to ask Izaya-san.
She would always bring up what he thought about things.
I'm glad this could be resolved to your mutual benefit.
At first, everyone was pretty annoyed, to your mutual benefit.
I didn't trust him.
I tried to keep as far away from him as I could.
Masaomi: So if he told you to jump off a bridge and die, would you?
Masaomi: I kinda pitied her.
I wanted to free her from him.
So, you think we're dating?
Saki: I don't know.
Masaomi: What are you doing with a guy like me, anyway?
Saki: I like you.
Masaomi: Did he tell you to?
Saki: Just at first, yeah.
He doesn't get involved in other people's love lives.
Masaomi: Then why do you still like me?
Do you like me?
Masaomi: If you stopped your fanatical worship of him, I might!
I'd be happy if you overlooked that one flaw.
Masaomi: So you know it's a flaw?
Not that I'm gonna fix it.
Masaomi:If you think it's a flaw, fix it.
So we started to date.
No one was mad at me for dating Saki.
I was serious, and the Yellow Scarves were too busy fighting Blue Square.
They'd fight small groups with big ones.
They wouldn't attack unless they were sure they could win.
Over a hundred of my friends were hurt.
I was afraid of losing my place in life if I disbanded the Yellow Scarves.
Masaomi: I relied on him.
I was too scared to do otherwise.
Masaomi: I told myself it was for the others' sake.
Izaya: Come in and let's chat.
Masaomi: His information changed the Yellow Scarves dramatically.
He didn't just give us information on where they were, he gave us information on how to fight.
We'd been losing, but we weren't any longer.
Your information's so awesome!
Eventually, I lost my fear of him.
Your information's so awesome!
Actually, I was enjoying my victory, but.
Your information's so awesome!
Actually, I was enjoying my victory, but.
This is Izumii, head of Blue Square.
I have a quiz for you!
Question 1: We've got a special guest here today!
Who do you suppose it is?
Hint: It's someone very, very, very important to you!
Time's up, but I bet you figured it out, didn't you?
Masaomi: What did you do with Saki?!
Izumii: Question 2: What do you suppose she looks like right now?
Question 3: What bone was that, that just broke?
Hint: She won't be walking for a while!
Final Question: What's going to happen to her if you don't come to the parking garage, where you trapped us, in twenty mins?
Masaomi: I regretted it.
I'd been a fool.
нажмите чтобы увидеть больше figured this was just a bunch of middle schoolers fighting.
It was a war.
And I'd started it!
Orihara Izaya And I'd started it!
Pick up, damn it!
Kida Masaomi Phone: The person you have dialed is- Masaomi: What the hell?!
Blue Squares Member: Izumii-san, she fainted.
We just broke her leg in a few places.
I had to go.
I would go there and kill every one of them who had made her scream.
Phone: The person you have dialed.
Blue Squares Member: So yeah, the Yellow Scarves?
We're gonna beat down their leader.
Kadota: I said, I ain't down for it.
Blue Squares Member: No, it looks like we kidnapped his girlfriend.
She's a kid but pretty hot.
That'll be plenty of fun!
Blue Squares Member: Right?
You can't pass this up- Kadota: When you wake up, tell Izumii that I'm done with the bastard.
Masaomi: I couldn't move.
What I had just been feeling was gone.
Saki was in danger, and I couldn't move.
Why am I so scared?
I thought I could do anything for her!
I was just a powerless middle schooler.
Blue Squares Member 1: You think she'll die?
Blue Squares Member 2: Not that I care.
She's not bleeding, so it's fine.
Oh my, my, my.
You actually kidnapped her!
Blue Squares Member 2: What?
It's just you, Yumasaki?
Walker: Thus, unlike in the movies and manga, no help came, and a terrible fate awaited her.
So I was thinking.
If a hero appeared and saved her, maybe it'd turn into an anime, and I could be, like, another world's savior with superpowers, and I'd get all the chicks and my dream of building a harem!
Blue Squares Member 2: Dude's one creepy bastard.
Here goes the "Make me an anime hero via a happy ending" plan!
Blue Squares Member 2: Damn you, Kadota!
Erika: We shouldn't move her too much.
We should get her to a hospital.
Kadota: You guys sure you're OK with this?
Walker: We're with you.
We don't care about Blue Square.
Saburo: Honestly, I always thought Izumii and Horoda were a couple of assholes.
Walker: It'd be cooler to throw it out the window.
Kadota: I don't litter.
Masaomi: Eventually, Saki woke up.
The leader, Izumii, was arrested, thanks to her testimony.
A weakened Blue Square was forced to disband.
You're Kida, with the Blue sq mobile casino Scarves.
Masaomi: Who are you guys?
Kadota: I dunno how to put it.
Masaomi: I heard you betrayed your gang and saved Saki.
Kadota: Actually, we just went to see her.
She said you haven't been there.
Masaomi: It's got nothing to do with you.
Kadota: We were asked to give you a message.
She said she can see you quite well from her window.
I told her that you were stopped by Blue Square and couldn't make it in time.
She wasn't angry with you.
Why did you tell her that?
When did I ask for that?
Kadota: I'd have told her that, even if you'd told me not to.
Masaomi: You know what happened, right?!
Kadota: Yeah, I know.
And you're still running from her now.
Masaomi: You want me to lie to her?!
After I ran away from her.
If you feel guilty for running, then for the rest of your life, you must live with the pain of lying to her.
That's how you can make it up to her.
And if you don't want to lie to her, then don't run.
Face her and say it!
I'll let you run from the past.
But don't run from the present and the future.
Walker: Hey, Kadota-san's saying something cool.
We'll call him poem boy-tan!
Masaomi: I never did go.
I tried to go.
I went many times.
Just to tell her I wanted to break up.
I left the Yellow Scarves.
Taro Tanaka:You decide on what high school you're going to?
Masaomi: I'm going to Raira Academy.
I kept talking about how great a place Raira was.
When I was talking with him, I felt calm.
And then I met him again.
I met Anri, too.
I thought my peaceful high school life would continue.
Damn them for bringing me back.
I was never going to go back.
Izaya: You can't get away from her, ever.
Your guilt toward her will become your past, and she your god.
That's why I'm here.
I'm going to defeat the Slasher who hurt my friend, Anri.
If the Slasher is the Dollars, I'll take them down, too.
I won't freeze up this time.
This time, I will.
Gang Member 1:Who's there?
Gang Посетить страницу источник 2: What is it?
Gang Member 1: A girl was looking in here!
I've got men chasing her!
Gang Member 2: A girl?
Gang Member 3: Is it the Dollars, you think?
Masaomi: I want to talk to her.
Catch her, but don't hurt her.
Gang Member 1: Right!
Masaomi: I'll go around this way.
I should be certain about this.
It's why I came back.
Why am I so uneasy?
Kadota: On and on, she ran.
To escape the shadows that followed.
To escape the cruel truth she had learned.


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